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Fot. Michał Sitarski
Karabinki rodziny HK416A5 (Cenrex).


Okky / 15-06-2015, 16:48
Careless Bayer (as I affectionately call you),Thank you for the rneemdir of the importance of that special place where I go to get in touch with a different reality. Some call it the world as it really is. The quiet, un-rushed, without a to-do-list place where I can look at my heart and soul and ask questions of God and then . listen to understand. This is not my natural tendency. Unfortunately I too often listen to respond or when I am in a really bad place, listen to ignore. It was the pattern Jesus demonstrated over and over in His life. Engaging community, friends and then drawing away for times of peace and reconnection with God. He seemed to most often find sanctuary in natural settings of His own creation.I love this glimpse into a family friend's world that I would not know otherwise. Carrie, you have created a place where you find peace. I pray it is a salve to your soul. To my friends, if you don't know where your sanctuary is, I pray you find it and when you get there may you find the peace' that is intended just for you.
Kamran / 15-06-2015, 23:35
Hi Wilma!I was thinking about you when Lance and I were tliakng about this story! ha haI wish I had a weather anomaly named after me! Can I be tornado Lori (er, uh, maybe tornado Jane)?ha haI like your idea about the electric blanket, Wilma. I'm going camping with YOU next time!Since you asked about these stories (that's a great question!) I'll answer the best I can. I try not to force them and just email a bit with people and listen for things I find interesting and a bit odd, wacky, goofy, or otherwise. You know? If something comes across that I would normally talk about (or persue) on my own Front Porch, I kindly ask if I can write about them and publish them here.That's it! It's really fun I love to write them. I feel it brings out the story teller in me and deep down, I think I always wanted to be one. How am I doing? Have a great week and thanks for taking the time to add to the conversation!FUN!!!
Sergey / 16-06-2015, 09:13
Hi Terie!YES! Laughing WITH me!! And what a fun way for you to make a long stressful car ride much more fun! And look at the mroeeims this has created, just because you did something that would normally seem unheard of. I think that's completely awesome!I don't think we had any pictures of the AC by the tent everything happened so fast with the evacuation. Well until we were in line, and then it slowed right down!!And maybe I should tell you the rest of the story So, my wife agreed to taking the AC unit along, it got her thinking. And we also packed a microwave for easier campsite cooking. Picture us all setup around the firepit, with a microwave in the middle roughing it at it's best! For the record, that is the only time we've taken the microwave while camping .-= Lanceb4s last blog .. =-.
Monu / 16-06-2015, 10:23
Hey Angelia!Front porch stories are GREAT they just are . Well I didn't take that pink wig to Disney. I did dress up, thoguh! We were there over Halloween, so one evening we all dressed up. My wife and I went as pirates (scary, huh!). Not as scary as me in that pink wig, thoguh! And very cool it's all about making the best of whatever situation we're in. And you sure sound like you did that, too!! Awesome! And no lines an extra bonus!! We actually had longer lines after the hurricane passed through. A lot of schools in south Florida were closed, so lots of families came up for a day or two to Disney. Still a ton of fun, thoguh! And those parks are so clean! A very fun time, even with everything that happened..-= Lanceb4s last blog .. =-.
Mark / 16-06-2015, 10:25
Hi Lori! Hi Lance! Oh this great I love front porch stories. Lance, I am not srseuirpd in the least. I have a feeling you tore Disney up as soon as you could get in and that every hotel guest was entertained by your pink wing and big smile. It's a little scary braving a hurricane. I bet you took their mind off of it, not to mention your family.I was in a hurricane in Orlando as well. Hurricane Charlie. My uncle was an amputee diabetic. We had two girls under age 10 with us. I had the hotel room with the girls. We had a blast despite the storm. I will never forget that trip. No lines the next day (we went to Universal Studios).Loved your front porch Lori! Happy Saturday everyone..-= Angelia Simsb4s last blog .. =-.
Hijos / 16-06-2015, 10:28
Hi Mimi!Well, that day we were evacuees was dlntfiieey a trying day although in the end, it all worked out wonderfully. And Disney too great care of us I was most impressed with them, and how they really do care. The air conditioner dlntfiieey DIY!! I'm sure it gave our family a reputation that week (let's just say I'm sure you won't ever see us on a Disney brochure!).And it's moments like these that also make great memories. The book: I'm loving it, although no, I'm not finished with it yet. The idea that's really sitting with me right now is the idea of being a lion, a pirate being a bit reckless when we write. It's a very freeing thought for me. Thanks again Mimi!!.-= Lanceb4s last blog .. =-.
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